Processing with AI

In the last few years, Artificial Intelligence has become one of the most discussed subjects. But what is it? How does it work? Is it going to change the world?

The goal of this course is to learn how you can use Artificial Intelligence in your projects!

You can consult the syllabus for this course here

Why this course?

A girl staring at a robot with furrowed brows

This course does not intend to make you data scientists or AI researchers (this is not a Computer Science course). Instead, its goal is to let you understand Artificial Intelligence and what can AI do or cannot do today.

We are well aware that most of you won't be coders, but on the other hand, all of you will be managers working in a robotized economy where business models will be in a state of flux. AI will change the way we work, manage and create value. It will solve problems that seem overwhelming today but will create new ones that we don't even know exist.

Nowadays, understanding the technological approach, discovering "behind the scenes" is part of a future manager's general culture. From now on, the companies that will recruit you are more attentive to this and to your soft-skills than to things taught in more traditional management courses.

As you will see, most of the assignments in this course will indeed ask you to code, but also to think of use cases. An important part of your grade will depend on how relevant they are and how well you can explain them.

Learning skills, not professions!

Many jobs are disappearing or are currently being reinvented. In 1984, a competency was valid for approximately 38 years. Today we are getting close to 5 years. It is now essential to learn how to learn to become agile. We believe that the best way to do this is to make, unmake, remake. That's why we give you the opportunity to discover how to prototype, test, design and share a product quickly, by making.

Our program

Part 1: Basics

Discover the main applications of AI by using state of the art pre-trained models. You will discover classification with MobileNet, how to create a chatbot and play with a lot of models using RunwayML!

Part 2: Explorations

Continue your exploration of the world of AI by discovering how you can adapt a model for your need using Transfer Learning, interact with a webcam using computer vision, analyze all kind of texts with natural language processing and dive into the fascinating subjects of the ethics of AI!

Part 3: Project

For the third and last part, you're going to work on a project in small groups tutored by a professional, for 4 weeks.

An online course, why?

  • You can follow it where and when you want, to progress according to your availability and at your own pace. The topics we will cover in this course are complex and completely new to most of you. It is important that you can assimilate these notions correctly, in a calm environment, rather than being lost in an auditorium where the individual pace of learning cannot be taken into account.

  • A follow-up closer to the learners: with the implementation of tools like Slack, you have a tool dedicated to the course where you can find the information related to the course without cluttering your emails and Messenger, that you can put on hold when you want and where you can ask your questions to the teaching team but also to all the other students of the course, and get answers in real time (on convenient schedules of course) without the formalism of an email.

  • Not only online! The makers' labs of Écully, Paris and Saint-Étienne, are third places within the emlyon campuses, spaces where you can come to experiment/learn/work alone or in groups, and exchange with the students on site as well as the makers' lab team present every day.

  • To learn to be more independent: taking an online course requires more discipline than a traditional course because you must be autonomous and organized, and this is what will be expected from you in your future profession.

  • This course has been designed according to the philosophy and pedagogical objectives of emlyon business school, in order to train the managers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow: it has been designed exclusively for you!

  • To give you more time for practice and experience: knowledge, technology and the labour market are evolving very quickly, by giving you the chance to make by yourself we enable you to acquire long-lasting skills because the knowledge acquired through experience is more sustainable.

Throughout the course (as during the rest of the year), you can come to the makers' labs to work individually or in groups and access the computers, machines and softwares. You can find opening time and more on the makers' lab website.